You can create a forest based on three options

Your budget

Create your forest based on the budget you want to spend.

CO₂ footprint

Create your forest based on your daily CO₂ emissions.

Add your CO₂ sources

We all have our own carbon footprint. You can’t avoid it but you can counter it.

Car ride to work

10 Kg

Electric Bill – March

28 Tons

Given area

Create your forest based on the surface area you wish to own.

Select your forest

Choose where to plant the forest from the available locations around the world.


Picos de Europa, Spain

Follow your progress on the dashboard

You are carbon negative

Your CO₂ emissions are higher than the carbon that you are capturing. You need to offset it.

You already own a forest

Well done! You are already a step closer to carbon neutrality.

Expand it

Add some surface area to an existing forest to finish offsetting your carbon footprint.

Expand Forest

You don’t have a forest yet

Carbon offsetting is very important in the fight against climate change.


It´s really easy and you will be surprised how little will cost you.

Create Forest

You are carbon positive

You are capturing more CO₂ than you are producing. Congratulations earth warrior! Way to go!

Keep up the good work

Reforestum is building
a community of earth warriors

Reforestum aims to help the planet by restoring its original forests, while multiplying the amount of reforested land. We offer carbon offsetting services through reforestation to a world wide community of environmental warriors. Pieces of land are selected in strategic places around the world that we will convert back into indigenous forests.