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Worried about climate change? Take a deep breathe and plant some trees. We make it easy to transform your carbon emissions into beautiful forests. Reduce your impact on climate change by reforesting the planet.

Fight climate change while reforesting the planet

Daily actions like how we travel, what food we eat, and how we power our homes all contribute to climate change. To neutralize your impact, you can plant trees. Calculate your carbon footprint in minutes, and we’ll help plant forests for you.

Calculate your carbon footprint by adding activities from your life and learn how you’re contributing to climate change.

Become a reforester from the comfort of your home and plant trees to capture your CO₂ out of the atmosphere.

Follow your forest and the CO₂ it captures. Share the growth of your forest with the community. You can even visit your forest in the real world.

Environmental activism made
incredibly fast & simple

Add your CO₂ sources

Everybody has a carbon footprint. It has never been so easy to calculate it.

Electric Bill – March

5 Kilograms

Car ride to work

900 grams

Select your forest

Everybody has a carbon footprint. It has never been so easy to calculate it.


Picos de Europa, Spain

Create and follow your forests
from anywhere

Through photosynthesis, trees capture CO₂ from the atmosphere and reduce the greenhouse effect that is driving climate change

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Take a tour of our full-featured application and explore Reforestum for yourself. No time limits, no charges. Making a positive impact has never been this easy!

Are you curious about your contribution to global warming?

Use our carbon calculator to measure your contributions to climate change. You can’t avoid having a carbon footprint. But you can take responsibility for it

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