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Aug 2021· 3 min read

Distinguishing the three scopes of greenhouse gas emissions, and what to do about them

When implementing a net zero strategy, the first step is to be able to identify and understand the different sources of emissions of a business. “What gets measured, gets managed”, it is crucial to tackle the different types of emissions, specifically the hidden ones that are generated by indirect sources throughout a company's value chain and account for the majority of the total emissions generated by businesses. It is a matter of accountability and transparency that remains vital for business to transition to carbon neutral practices. In this article it is explained the characteristics of each of the three emissions scopes defined in the GreenHouse Gas protocol and the importance of accounting each of them in order to pursue a net zero strategy and how Reforestum can help businesses shift towards sustainability. 
Jul 2021· 3 min read
New website, new era
Sign in Calahorra de Bodeo with forest in the background
Apr 2021· 1 min read
Reforestum launches Calahorra de Boedo on Earth Day: unity is strength
Genesis Forest
Sustainable living
Apr 2021· 2 min read
We are celebrating Earth Day by sharing the story of Génesis that we have developed with our community!
top view of a forest
Dec 2020· 1 min read
Reforestum receives AI for Earth Grant from Microsoft, and joins the Microsoft for Startups program
Diego and Alban at Station F
Nov 2020· 3 min read
Reforestum Wins L’Oreal ‘Beauty Tech For Good Challenge’
A man walks through the vegetation in Sumatra Merang
Nov 2020· 1 min read
Reforestum announces partnership with Ecosphere+ to finance conservation and restoration projects in vital, threatened ecosystems
Trees and sky
Nov 2020· 4 min read
Reforestum and Ecosphere+ Partnership Win WEF’s UpLink Trillion Trees Challenge
Thriving forest
Climate change
Jun 2020· 2 min read
How to choose between supporting afforestation and forest conservation?
Tree stump
Sustainable living
Apr 2020· 5 min read
Celebrating Earth day with our actions, 50 years on
White flower covered by dew drops.
Climate change
Nov 2019· 4 min read
4 Reforestation Projects That Will Give You Hope in Humanity Again
dry trees in a desertified environment
Sustainable living
May 2019· 4 min read
Losing Sleep Over Climate Change? Keep Calm and Reforest
Woman cheerfully holds a lit light bulb
Climate change
Dec 2018· 2 min read
5 Ways You Can Instantly Impact Climate Change