About us • Reforestum · Fight climate change through collective reforestation


verb The action of reforesting

Replanting with trees; covering again with forest

Reforestum aims to help the planet by restoring its original forests. We offer carbon offsetting services through reforestation to a world wide community of members.

Reforestum was born with one mission: Helping to stop climate change through the massive reforestation of our planet and the protection of existing forests.


Strategic places

We select pieces of land all over the planet to convert back into indigenous forests.


Remote tracking

Keep track of your forest development at all times through our web App.


Visiting the forest

Not only can you track your forest on your device, but you can actually visit your forest.


Carbon neutral

The ultimate goal is to become carbon neutral by offsetting your carbon footprint.

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Meet the team

Our mission is only possible due to the people who work with us — Together we are trying to make the world a better place.

CEO and Founder

Diego Sanz

I believe we all have the power and the responsibility to chose the destiny of humanity and our planet. Each action counts. The change starts by oneself.

Marketing leader

Peter Glenn

As an entrepreneurial leader I work to bring ideas into reality on the frontiers of technology, sustainability, and emerging markets. So far, I’ve taken on reimagining schools for the 21st Century and delivering solar energy to the 1.3 billion people without electricity.

Business development manager

Denny Pallenberg

I am a connector of people and Ideas, an activator who believes that "now is a good time" and an evangelist for world positive ideas and innovations.

Forest partnerships and climate change expert adviser

Imelda (Dada) Bacudo

I hold practical and expert knowledge in the areas of biodiversity conservation, climate change, sustainable development, and conservation finance.

Frontend Guru

Bartlomiej (Bartek) Maciejiczek

Being responsible for the technological part of the project he strongly believes in the idea behind it and tries to navigate through the zero-waste and vegan lifestyle on daily basis.

Digital & social manager

Jenny Figg

I’m a producer of digital content which engages and communicates what’s important to the world.

Blockchain and Tokenomics advisor

Julien Bouteloup

Julien is involved full-time in decentralized applications, Blockchain, Ethereum, Game and Computability theory, AI, cryptographic and Machine learning algorithms.

Forest engineer

Juan Carlos Maldonado

He is an very experienced forestal engineer from Spain. He has already reforested more than 7.000 hectares in his 20 years of experience. He is also an expert in the area where we have planted Génesis.

Forest engineer, carbon analytics and predictions

Javier Porcar

He is a very talented forestal engineer. He shows great motivation and is really good with numbers and statistics. Javier is in charge of the carbon calculations, estimations and measurements of our forests.

Climate change:
a real threat

According to rigorous scientific studies published by NASA and WHO, there is a 97% scientific consensus that climate change is real and is a threat to our survival.
Yes, life on this planet is at risk, and the only way out is by working together.

Read Reforestum's manifesto

There are 7,5 billion people on this planet and if a small percentage of the world’s population joined together as a community of environmentalists, we really could change the course of history.