verb The action of reforesting

Replanting with trees; covering again with forest

Reforestum’s mission is connecting and empowering citizens and organizations under the common goal of reversing climate change by collaboratively protecting and restoring the earth’s forest ecosystems for a safer, healthier and fairer future for ourselves and the generations to come.

Reforestum aims to help the planet by restoring its original forests. We offer carbon offsetting services through reforestation to a world wide community of members.


Strategic places

We select pieces of land all over the planet to convert back into indigenous forests.


Remote tracking

Keep track of your forest development at all times through our web App.


Visiting the forest

Not only can you track your forest on your device, but you can actually visit your forest.


Carbon neutral

The ultimate goal is to become carbon neutral by offsetting your carbon footprint.

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Meet the team

Our mission is only possible due to the people who work with us — Together we are trying to make the world a better place.

Core team

CEO and Founder

Diego Sanz

Software engineer 15+ years experience, currently consulting for the European Commission. Environmentalist and entrepreneur. Studying an Executive MBA program at IESE, Barcelona

CRO and Co-Founder

Alban Bressand

Carbon markets and sustainability expert, 8 years experience in renewable energy and b2b SaaS sales. BA in Economics from Columbia University and MBA from Cambridge University

Software Developer

Pablo Delgado

I´m a Full Stack Developer specialized in Frontend and passionate about usability and user experience. I love helping to make designs real, working on meaningful projects that make an impact on society.

Community Specialist

Noemi Sánchez Hernández

I am an enthusiastic engineer with the strong purpose of making a positive impact (impacting positively) on the environment and society. With a wide background in consultancy and customer and employee experience management, I build engaged communities through listening, communication, engagement, collaboration, empowerment and trust.

Tech Lead

Ulises Gascón

Senior Software Engineer specialized in Node.js and JavaScript. I am deeply passionate about Open Source software and I am top contributor and maintainer of different projects.

Software Engineer

Teba Gomez

I’m a Full stack Engineer (Javascript, React, Node), Tech Community Leader and Open Source contributor and advocate. I love contributing to Open Source and being part of tech communities, to provide inspiring environments and content for people to learn, network and grow in the tech field.

Co-founder and AI engineer

Pablo de Castro

I am a data-focussed Physics Ph.D. eager to apply my technical and creative skills to work on innovative solutions to real-world problems and products. I have extensive experience with the set of computational tools and concepts that are used for building state of the art machine learning systems in the context of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing as well as those used in modern data science workflows for processing and analyzing large quantities of data.

Co-founder and AI engineer

Javier Sáez

I am a passionate Data Scientist who builds data-driven software products and helps organizations transform numbers into optimal decisions. With a multidisciplinary background, I have worked in academia and industry, focusing on various topics such as smart grids, wind production, risk analysis, optimal scheduling, predictive maintenance, and computer vision.

Digital & social manager

Jenny Figg

I’m a producer of digital content which engages and communicates what’s important to the world.


Marketing Advisor

Peter Glenn

I'm a marketing leader who's been working at the cross-section of tech and sustainability for over 16 years. Since earning my MBA at Presidio Graduate School, I've co-founded two startups and played leadership roles at Glassdoor, Singularity University, and Fenix International (acquired by Engie). I'm currently accelerating the transition to zero emissions energy as Co-Founder of EV Life.

Climate change expert adviser

Imelda (Dada) Bacudo

I hold practical and expert knowledge in the areas of biodiversity conservation, climate change, sustainable development, and conservation finance.


Forest engineer

Juan Carlos Maldonado

He is an very experienced forestal engineer from Spain. He has already reforested more than 7.000 hectares in his 20 years of experience. He is also an expert in the area where we have planted Génesis.

Forest engineer, carbon analytics and predictions

Javier Porcar

He is a very talented forestal engineer. He shows great motivation and is really good with numbers and statistics. Javier is in charge of the carbon calculations, estimations and measurements of our forests.

Climate change:
a real threat

According to rigorous scientific studies published by NASA and WHO, there is a 97% scientific consensus that climate change is real and is a threat to our survival.
Yes, life on this planet is at risk, and the only way out is by working together.

Read Reforestum's manifesto

There are 7,5 billion people on this planet and if a small percentage of the world’s population joined together as a community of environmentalists, we really could change the course of history.