Reforestum launches Calahorra de Boedo on Earth Day: unity is strength

Jenny Figg

1 month ago · 5 min read

Since 1970, International Earth Day has been a moment of reflection and action that vividly reminds us of the urgent need to commit ourselves to the planet and to act together to protect our natural environment and its biodiversity.

On this same date last year, we at Reforestum pledged to do everything necessary to protect and restore ecosystems around the globe; to increase the number and variety of quality forestry projects to remove significant amounts of carbon from the atmosphere; to connect our community and expand it to more people and businesses to achieve our mission.

Today, on this significant day for those of us dedicated to caring for the Earth, Reforestum is proud to announce that we have made progress on the way to fulfilling our promise. And we want to celebrate it by inaugurating a project that represents our essence and spirit: the forest of Calahorra de Boedo.

This forest project is the fourth we offer on our platform, the second planted in Spain and, most importantly, the first to bring together individuals and companies in the fight against climate change.

Responsible companies such as Adidas Padel, Bionet, Ineco and Mirakl have been the first to support the financing this forest in the North of Spain by acquiring Shared Corporate forest shares. As of today, any person or company can now also offset their footprint by financing a portion of the Calahorra de Boedo certified carbon sequestration project, by acquiring Forest shares shares within the Community forest part of the project.

To make this day even more special we have also launched for the first time a live and open online event to inform our entire community about the journey of Reforestum and its community since we planted Genesis, as well as our plans for the future together with all of you.

Of course, it doesn't end here. We will continue to seek out and carry out the certified projects that can best help the planet and make them available to our community in a transparent way so that they can easily support them. We will continue to expand and strengthen this collaborative and committed community.

In short, at Reforestum we will continue to work tirelessly to build a better world and achieve our mission together


Jenny Figg

1 month ago · 5 min read