Reforestum receives AI for Earth Grant from Microsoft, and joins the Microsoft for Startups program

Alban Bressand

11 months ago · 1 min read

Reforestum has been awarded an AI for Earth grant from Microsoft to help further its efforts in adding trust and transparency to voluntary carbon markets. This new grant will provide Reforestum with some engineering support and a grant to use its software to accelerate its work on a suite of Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) tools to provide more trust in the carbon removal and conservation outcomes of the projects on the marketplace.

We are working on the first prototype of our MRV technology and will share an update with our members later this year as we make progress towards our goal of adding more trust to forest carbon markets.

In parallel, Reforestum has also been accepted to the Microsoft for Startups program, in the Global Social Entrepreneurship category. The program is designed to help startups market and sell their solutions as well as connect to potential customers, including leading enterprises and nongovernmental organizations.

Here’s more info about both programs:

Microsoft AI for Earth

AI for Earth is a $50 million, 5-year program that brings the full advantage of Microsoft technology to
those working to solve global environmental challenges in the key focus areas of climate, agriculture,
water and biodiversity. Through grants that provide access to cloud and AI tools, opportunities for
education and training on AI, and investments in innovative, scalable solutions, AI for Earth works to
advance sustainability across the globe.

Reforestum is one of the newest organizations to be recognized by Microsoft for its impact and potential,
and will join a growing number of AI for Earth grantees worldwide.

Learn more about Microsoft AI for Earth here:

Microsoft for Startups

The Microsoft Global Social Entrepreneurship Program supports social impact startups with technology, connections and grants to bring startups’ big visions to life and make the world a better place.

Learn more about Microsoft for Startups here:

Alban Bressand

11 months ago · 1 min read