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14 April, 2017

Planting Génesis: All about it, watch the video!

Although we are an international team, and we plan to eventually reforest the world, everyone has to start somewhere! So we have decided to plant our first forest in Spain. We know the markets, the people, the climate, the land, the flora and fauna, the language and the local laws, which has given us a head start.

We chose a piece of land near the natural park of 'Picos de Europa' that occupies about 4.6 hectares (11.36 acres). We have planted about 1,100 tress per hectare with indigenous species, all of them are certified seedlings that are genetically adapted to the region and therefore have a higher rate of success (and a smaller carbon footprint). The species list includes: Pine trees, Oak trees, Cherry trees, Walnut trees, Birch, and many more! For a complete species list don't hesitate to look them up on our web page.

So that means that we have planted a total of about 5,000 one year old seedlings of 12 different indigenous varieties!

Thank you to every single person that has helped make this possible!

Reforestum is literally starting to grow roots and so now we move on full speed ahead with the app development, we'll keep you posted on our progress soon!