These are some of the most frequently asked questions.

You can also find all the conditions in the Terms of service section.

If you need any help, we have prepared a How it works section for you.

  • Once my forest shares are paid for, will I need to pay maintenance costs?

    The amount you pay is a one-off payment and includes all maintenance costs. We do all the maintenance for you with no extra charge.

  • Can I visit the Forest?

    Yes, you can, but we ask that you are extremely cautious if you do wish to come and visit.
    Anyone can come and visit. We don’t put fences around your forest (except to protect it from wild animals that could cause damage).
    But a young forest is a very fragile living organism, even down to the soil we step on.
    The best time to visit, for the good of your forest, is 5 years after planting.
    If that seems like a long time, remember that we will regularly post photos. And you can always keep an eye on your forests with our satellite imagery.

  • How is the amount of captured carbon being calculated?

    We use established scientific methods to take account of the huge number of different factors that affect how much carbon is captured.
    We look at tree variety, the local climatic conditions, the soil type and many other variables.
    We also add the carbon that is captured in the soil and roots under the forest, as well as the animals that live in it.
    We periodically test that our calculations are accurate and adjust our sums if we need to.

  • Can I re-sell my forest shares?

    No, you can’t re-sell your forest shares.
    Reforestum’s aim is to make it easy for people and companies to take responsibility for their climate impacts.
    We don’t want to create a system where members seek to make a profit by trading and selling parts of your forests or speculate on the future value of the forests.
    Our shared model recognizes that your forest becomes your heritage. Under special conditions, you can transfer your forest to your family as part of an inheritance.

  • What is a forest share?

    A forest share is a small part of a forest that belongs to you.
    You probably know that you can buy shares in a company. This means you own a tiny part of that company, and many other people own all the other tiny parts.
    A forest share is the same thing: your small part of the whole big forest.
    This means that the forest doesn’t belong to one single person. It belongs to all the Reforestum members who own forest shares in it.

  • How can you afford to keep looking after the forest long into the future?

    We make sure that all expenses for the next 30 years are included when you buy your forest share.
    After 30 years, we will use the small income generated by the forest to pay for any maintenance it may require.

  • If the forest makes any profits, where does that money go?

    The forests do create some revenue, for example when they produce fruit, nuts and biomass. We use the minimum amount of these resources to cover the costs of maintaining the forest.
    In the event that there is money left over after these costs have been covered, the excess money will be evenly distributed to all the shareholders in that forest.

  • What happens if the forest is damaged by a natural disaster or climate conditions?

    We would be sad for our forest. And while we do everything we can to make sure our forests are safe, we have a plan in place for the worst-case scenario.
    In the event that the forest is damaged, each shareholder will be asked to decide between making a financial contribution towards restoration work or to leave the forest as it is.
    Please note that even in the event that your forest is damaged it will not be possible to sell your forest shares.