F.A.Q.s • Reforestum · Fight climate change through collective reforestation


These are some of the most frequently asked questions.

You can also find all the conditions in the Terms of service section.

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  • Once my forest shares are payed for, will I need to pay maintenance costs?

    The amount you pay is a once off payment and includes all maintenance costs, we do the rest for you.

  • Can I visit the Forest?

    Yes you can, but you must bear in mind that a young forest is very fragile.
    We don’t put fences on our forests (Unless we have to protect it from wild animals that could damage them) so anyone can come in. We ask that you are extremely cautious, if you do wish to come and visit. A forest is a living organism, and that includes the soil we step on, so ideally for the good of your forest 5 years after planting is the ideal time to come and visit.
    Keep in mind that we will regularly post photos and you can always keep an eye on your forests via our satellite images.

  • How is the amount of captured carbon being calculated?

    We use rigorous scientific studies that give us estimations of how much carbon each tree variety captures over time, depending on many variables such as climate and the soil type. We also add the carbon that is sequestered in the soil, in the animals and of course, in the roots. We will perform periodic tests to correct our estimations if needed.

  • Can I re-sell my forest shares?

    Our shared model does not allow this, because we don’t want to create forest shares as goods that people can trade with. Reforestum's aim is not to create economic profit for its members or a way to make savings for the future. However, under special conditions you can transfer your forest to your family as an inheritance.

  • What is a forest share?

    A forest share is exactly the same concept as a company share. The forest does not belong to one single person but to many people, it belongs to all Reforestum members.
    This is our way to make an economically viable solution so that people can join together to save the planet.

  • Given that a forest has a fixed periodic cost for Reforestum, where does that money come from?

    We make sure than when you buy your share, all expenses for the next 30 years are included. After that, we will use the small income generated by the forest to pay for the maintenance that it may require.

  • If the forest makes any profits, where does that money go?

    We will be using a minimum of forest resources such as fruit, nuts and biomass to cover the maintenance costs of the forest.
    If ever the forest has any form of profit, it will be evenly distributed to all forest share holders.

  • What happens if the forest is damaged by a natural disaster or climate conditions?

    In the case of such an unlikely and unfortunate scenario, the share holders of the forest will keep their shares. Individually, each share holder will decide whether to pay a little extra contribution for the restoration that the forest may need, or leave it as it is.
    NOTE: Not even in the case of a natural disaster can a member sell their forest shares.