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BlogCelebrating Earth day with our actions, 50 years on

Celebrating Earth day with our actions, 50 years on

Fifty years ago today, the first Earth day took place across the USA, drawing tens of millions of Americans together in support of stricter environmental protections in reaction to a large oil spill the year before off the coasts of California.
Alban Bressand pictureAlban Bressand · Sustainable living · Apr 2020

Today won’t see such human rallies, but everything from lockdowns to the plummeting global demand for oil calls for some collective reflection about the decade that lies ahead, and the actions that we can all take to live in better harmony with nature.

Amidst a global pandemic that has taken the world by surprise despite the many warnings that we could expect such a crisis, itself linked at least in part to environmental degradation, now might be a good time for the collective consciousness to heed the warnings of climate scientists and take urgent action. We are at the start of a new decade, one where humanity as a whole still has the potential to come together to address the climate crisis which has been unfolding faster than scientific projections estimated only a few years ago.

Reforestum’s mission has always been to bring together a community of people and enable them to support the best projects that restore nature to a more sustainable state. In a big step towards achieving this mission, Reforestum is pleased to announce that it will expand its community to more people and companies in 2020, and expand its activities to support a variety of nature-restoration projects.

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Reforestum commits on this Earth day anniversary to do what it takes in the next decade to restore nature and in doing so remove carbon from the atmosphere at scales required to really make a difference to our climate, acting as an enabler for our global community and partner organizations. We are working hard to bring these new partnerships and projects to life, and we’ll announce them soon. In the meantime - take care of yourselves, and of nature we are all so dependent on to live healthy and happy lives. ❤️

Alban Bressand
CRO and Cofounder
Carbon markets and sustainability expert, 8 years experience in renewable energy and b2b SaaS sales. BA in Economics from Columbia University and MBA from Cambridge University.